Stars in my hair


If I could, I would build myself a time machine to return to those nonchalant days of thirteen…
I would tell my budding self to dream so big and to let nothing stop her in between…
Let no relationships stall your way nor you be bothered by the cliches on the highway
Not just the stars darling, aim for the entire galaxy and one day they will all be in your tray!




Once there lived a girl who donned a dress of green and smelled of roses,
Now she portrays a forlorn neglected kid covered in bruises.

A girl who pranced around in the parks and chirped with the birds,
Now her screams from the sky high buildings are unheard.

A girl who swam in the lakes and gleefully blew kites around,
Now she barely makes her way amidst all the sewage on the ground.

The girl stripped off her innocence grew so fast, she vaguely reminisces the trail left behind.
Alas, she wished her childhood lasted long and adolescence had not gone so wrong!

And the mountains called

clouds-daylight-desert-570026I fell in love with her when I saw her from above,
She adorned a dress of myriad colors and looked sublime
Her curves meandered and rode up to the sky, made me trace her graceful ways in a trance
The mountains constantly whispered a silent prayer, and the sonorous rivers cooed along
The billowing cotton clouds against clear blue skies, made the sight worth the while
When I bid her goodbye I knew I was not the same, I had found my calling not in the city ways but in the mountains far far away !